Brand identity

Linking business and design

Encouraging the ‘next’ competitive advantage.

highCO is an ambitious start up platform initiated and co-founded by a team of professionals in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship design and consulting in China.

The fledgling company is dedicated to linking the East and the West, business and design, customers and users, knowledge and experience. With clear goals to become the leading professional business innovation platform in China it has in its first months of operation signed more than 30 top experts and scholars in the field of innovative design. With projects centred primarily on education and cross-cultural exchanges the vision is to facilitate commercial gains through innovative strategic thinking on a local level and advancing local Chinese business enterprises. 

As a part of our work before brand strategic consultation Working Images designed and facilitated two tailored workshop sessions on brand positioning and strategy and assembled internal and external work teams to conduct a 2 day in-depth discussion and interaction by using the design thinking methodology. The sessions used design thinking tools systematically to lead the client team to define their competitive advantage, a 3-5 year business model, brand positioning, value proposition and vision.

Through the close working relationship and immersive collaborative working session the team was able to develop a holistic business strategy and positioning of the entire brand into a unique brand recognition system.

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