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Defining the value in the business and seizing the opportunity to reshape an industry through brand.

Brandprofiling, brand identity, communications collateral for large scale crane company in the far north of the state.

We were initially contacted by Max Cranes to develop a corporate profile on short notice and following a brief discussion around state of the market, stakeholder requirements and the internal culture of the business it was evident the profile was an attempt to regain the initiative in a changed market. We provided a strong recommendation to take a small step back – to consider the brand and their market position.

A company can reasonably justify a rebrand when a shift takes place in either the internal culture of the business and its strategic priorities or a shift in the market. When both occur its imperative. After ten solid years in business, building a terrific reputation and loyal following as the guys to get things done, it was necessary to rethink what was happening and what they were doing. Where to next.

Working Images lead the Max team through a one day Brand Profiling working session comprising owners of the business, management and key staff, mining the intelligence held in the business, harnessing the diverse perspectives of the individuals in the team each with a unique take on the company. Developing from this a detailed map of the internal culture and the market we were able to clearly see the brand landscape.

What emerged was a picture of an industry in the midst of a significant shake up that presented Max with the opportunity to make a move – and move early. Their rebrand and repositioning gave them the jump on an industry that had relied on business-as-usual for too long.

The brand required only a minor rethink – retaining the core characteristics of the original mark but interpreted in a way that demonstrated a smarter, more progressive company and one that would be taking the fight to the market. The team working session produced a moment of significant insight around the value provided to clients and the idea of a can-do attitude crystallised. Seizing this we crafted a campaign style-sub brand that would quickly reposition the company in the market and regain the initiative for the company.

Can-Do Capability has become the defining attribute of the Max brand and has rallied not only the team but the clients also. The thumbs up symbol, cleverly referencing the industry crane sign language as the boom up or ready to go. Max team found this thumbs up becoming shorthand at the conclusion of client meetings where the sign was done spontaneously as a positive conclusion to the deal or the contact. This simple but powerful visual metaphor has started new conversations and reframed the business in a way that is both tangible and memorable.

Go Team Max!

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