Barefoot Leadership
Brand identity / Information design

Creating the ultimate utility

Reimagining change in a saturated market through authenticity and innovation.

Brand identity, stationery and communication collateral for Barefoot Leadership – a global business coaching consultancy specialising in Organisational Change and Transformation.

The dynamics of a market can determine much about how a business operates and certainly how it brands and communicates. The Change Management industry emerged a few decades back in response primarily to upheavals and rapid change brought about by globalisation. Centralisation of administrative functions and rationalised global operations led to significant and unprecedented change within organisations with effects at the human dimension. This was compounded by the tech revolution that bought further disruption and increased change. Change Management grew in response to the needs and demands of organisations managing the human scale of these shifts in business and produced many and varied approaches and theories.

Into this environment Barefoot Leadership is to project itself and establish a niche in a market with ongoing requirements. The significant challenge facing them was how to position their business as a fresh approach and to rise above the persistent negative stereotypes that exist surrounding consultants in this field. The challenge for the brand was to carry and convey these aspirations with confidence and restraint and to demonstrate an authentic position and the truly innovative approach

crafted by the two business owners. Indra – an Olympic coach that pioneered the personal training movement in South Australia, with impeccable credentials in the field of sports psychology and high performance training and a practicing shaman. Karolina –  a background in senior general management, HR, GM and Operational Leadership roles in both regional and multi-national corporations based in Europe, the US and the Asia-Pacific over a 30-year career with extensive experience in banking, insurance, manufacturing, engineering and consulting industries.

Common to all human development is the tool. The brand cleverly and simply draws on the familiar iconography of the ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife – the ultimate utility. Personal. Small. Pocket sized yet efficient and multi functional. It can save lives! The Swiss Army Bird was born carrying with it a range of tools to assist in any situation should it arise. The nature tool. The questioning tool. The focus and insight tool. Your new best friend.

The success of this modest brand identity is not what it claims and promises but what it excludes. It sidelines the boastful claims of the typical change consultant and quietly, modestly offers a tool for change. What is cleverly inferred here is the role of the person. To connect with the task. To pick up the tool. And begin the work. Of change and transformation.

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