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The Love Referendum

Design of identity, website and in-world promotional material for the ‘Love Referendum’ – a crossover game launched as part of the 2007 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

The game story line follows an attempt by the ‘government’ to hold a referendum to introduce a ‘Love Reduction Bill’ to limit the amount of love in society. The requirements for the project included the creation of an official government identity for the luddite ‘Department of Deliberation’, and website and postcards promoting the Referendum.

The identity references traditional heraldic iconography and symbolism and aims to embody the slow-to-respond nature of the department, represented primarily by the snails. The faux latin inscription, ‘commoratio procrastino’ loosely translates to ‘why do today what you can put off ‘till tomorrow’. The website concept is based on an outdated media room and provides an obscure interface for a strange government. Video content delivered on numerous channelson the TV provides information on the fictitious government campaign.

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