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Development of brand identity for award winning documentary film makers Carl Cudell and Jennifer Lyons-Reid empowering individuals and communities to tell their stories through film.

The work began simply as a request for program branding for The Hero Within – a long standing successful component of the Tall Storeez documentary business. Meticulously tracing the responses to the brand profiling process, a series of impassioned discussions followed. Emerging from this an entirely unexpected outcome confirmed the need not for an evolution of the program branding but a comprehensive repositioning of the business and its identity.

Though the principles and values informing the business had not changed, the positioning, expectations of high level funding partners, audience and the nature of the business had. To such an extent that the existing name and identity no longer held parity. The resultant symbol – distilled into a simple, resolute mark, forms the basis for the identity and embodies the unified and singular ambition of the directors – to effect a shift. In the lives of the participants of their programs, and the perceptions and behaviour of the rest of us.

The involvement in their work, the evolution of the identity and being invited to engage so deeply with the philosophy of the directors was clearly a privilege and tasked us in a the way that so occasionally defines our role as communicators.

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