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National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW)


We engaged Drew and Working Images to simply re-brand the National Foundation for Australian Women, and didn’t realise the depth that they would go to in developing a brand and image to suit us.  They started with a strategy workshop day where we clarified the essence of the organisation – who we are, what we offer and where we want to be.  From there, Working Images created innovative solutions that we could test and compare against comparative organisations to our own.  Drew guided NFAW through what was actually a re-focusing of the entire organisation. The impact on the organisation has been substantial.  Through the process, the conversations on the re-branding would lift the energy and motivation in the whole group.  The branding has been much more than changing the logos on the business cards – it has re-focused, clarified and motivated the entire organisation.


Nicole McKenna
Director NFAW & McKenna Bespoke Development and Facilitation


Dematec Group


Being faced with the task of branding your company is a large undertaking. 


Our existing brand for Dematec Group required a fresh look and in addition we needed to launch our newest venture Critical Asset Protection. This required a completely new corporate design programme to be applied to our brand imagery, marketing material and website design. I met with various marketing and design firms, but none gave me a feeling of intimacy and understanding when it came to my project — I felt like I was just another “To do” on their list.  This led me to Working Images, where right from the start it was his goal to get inside my head and understand what Dematec and CAP is, and how we wanted to be perceived. 
Market place differentiation is key to a successful business and hiring Working Images to create our brand was a watershed moment for the Dematec Group. While we offer great service and products, our company needed to present a professional graphic presence in order to be taken seriously in our competitive marketplace.
Working Images provided us with eye catching and practical design solutions that were both creative and technically appropriate to the company's markets.


David Gold
Marketing and Operations Manager
Dematec Group



People's Choice Credit Union


We engaged Working Images to develop an interior graphic scheme for our new national head offices in Adelaide. Drew devised a working session with management and staff whereby a comprehensive design brief was developed for all of the key interior spaces. The involvement of our staff was essential to providing a sense of ownership for the work which came at a time of significant change for the organisation. He was successful in bringing the staff together and creating a single vision for the project. Working Images went on to develop a sophisticated and vibrant graphic scheme for the fit out over five floors. His involvement right across the project at all levels from design to installation ensured the delivery of the graphics within a very tight timeframe and translated our corporate values into a scheme that brought the brand to life for our people and clients. Our staff have responded very positively to the work with the graphics making a discernable contribution to the fitout that has resulted in increased staff wellbeing and productivity. Working Images were subsequently engaged across several other fitouts nationally and branch rollouts locally. Drew's ability to listen, resolve conflicting perspectives at a board level and develop a clear brief from complex requirements demonstrated an ability to partner with us at an organisational level with an unwavering commitment to ensuring project success. Through his processes and approach we felt that he formed a deep understanding of the organisation, our values and our brand.



Plevin & Associates


A conference organising committee is generally a project specific group assembled for a short duration often without a strategic vision -  an assembly of individuals many unknown to one another, with a wide range of skills and viewpoints, under varying degrees of direction and often inexperienced at the task at hand. The strategic process put in place by Working Images assists in bringing together disparate views and encouraging committee members to refine their own perceptions and strategic objectives for the project. The benefits go beyond “image”, providing a vital mechanism for committee members to assess their own objectives and reach a consensus before putting in place a strategy to visualise and communicate externally. Working Images produce solutions that are creative and appropriate to the project, with a sound underlying rationale. This is a reflection of the thoroughness of the strategic process they utilise. Working Images’ underlying philosophy is focussed on working as part of the project team with the aim of having a sound understanding of client goals and identifying opportunities and challenges. Their advice and recommendations are not prescriptive and are aimed at nurturing a positive two-way relationship. 


As a result, their work reflects;

• high attention to detail,
• thoroughness in interpreting the project brief,
• ability to work within budget constraints, and
• a willingness to embrace client input    


Working Images’ effort to make  visual branding an inclusive process of definition and consensus within the context of
cost-effective delivery, ensures our clients respond positively to both the product and the process.  



Change Media


We very much enjoyed the process, it felt a bit like 'business therapy'. WI were very thorough in their approach of getting us to identify what the essence of our narrative for our business is. The ideas and creative concept put forward were always of outstanding quality - we especially liked WI's deep engagement in the philosophy of our projects, be it design for whimsical media interfaces for a public art game or a new business identity that can work across all platforms. The service has been outstanding, we won't hesitate to use your services again or recommend you to other clients. Our clients commented on the fresh look and feel of our website and e-newsletter, especially on the easily identifiable branding, that works very well across print media, web browser apps, webpage header, e-newsletter and also on all of our video content.


Carl Kudell
Jennifer Lyons-Reid





STTARS is a not-for-profit organisation funded since 1991 to provide counselling and support services to survivors of torture and trauma who have been resettled in South Australia under the Commonwealth Govt’s Humanitarian Program. We first contacted Working Images in 2006 to design a new logo for our organisation. Drew worked with sensitivity and insight to really capture the message we wanted to communicate to the world about who we are and how we do our work. In fact several staff commented that the process helped them understand their own work better! Since then we have continued to use Working Images for all of our design needs. Over many years the Working Images team have invariably produced design solutions of an exceptionally high standard as well as professionally managing the entire process from conception to delivery. We have particularly appreciated Working Images ability to grasp the complexities of our particular organisational circumstances (i.e. there is no simple answer to the question “who is the client”), as well as the need to communicate our message across different cultures and language barriers. We have also really appreciated their willingness to respond quickly and flexibly to our requests. The investment in good design has ensured that we present ourselves to all of our stakeholders as an energetic, robust and professional organisation. This has undoubtedly paid off in stakeholder trust and confidence.


B McGrath




University of South Australia: Pathways Conference Director


The Organising Committee found it useful when Working Images met with the group at the outset of the design process to clarify the process for the development of our conference identity theme. This meant we were able to be clear about our purpose and what we wanted to achieve through the design. The staff from Working Images helped us through this process to get a result that all the members of the group were happy with. The Pathways Committee were extremely pleased with the final results. The initial designs provided us with seeds of inspiration which eventually lead us to the final work. The design was able to express and reflect what we as a committee were hoping the Conference would achieve. Working Images were extremely professional in the presentation of their work, the level of detail and timeliness in which they responded. They were happy to take on feedback from our committee and incorporate this the final design.




The Chapley Group


Working Images was commissioned by Munno Para Shopping City to re-design their logo and tag line and the work provided followed a process which was clearly presented from the start of the project. The communication was excellent and the process was well thought out and each creative concept had rationale and research behind it. The methodical way that Working Images approaches the creative process means that the results are on strategy, timeline and budget. In a world where creativity is often judged by whether someone “likes” the concept the Working Images strategy and brand opinion provides a platform which provides certainty to the graphic ideas presented. During my time as Marketing Manager with Munno Para Shopping City and The Chapley Group I felt that this project had a positive impact on the business. The new logo and tagline have been adopted by the Centre and closely align with the values of the target customer for the Centre.


Marketing Manager

Amelia Ricci


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