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Successful businesses know they must speak the language of their market, provide clarity around their product and give definition to their service offering. We package this in a way that adds value to your business and provides a compelling means of differentiation in your market. 

Craft South poster

Branding development and poster design for Craft South's Traditonal Craft Workshop Program.

Whilst the central image of the hand reflects a primary message that the workshops are a hands-on process there is also a more discreet underlying metaphor. The woven threads reveal their texture and colour when they contact the hand and the individual.

Central to the traditonal craft practice is the exchange of stories and knowledge that when one participates in this activity one not only contributes their own story but becomes a part of others in the process. The Craft South Traditonal Craft Workshop Program draws on the knowledge and wisdom of migrant cultures present in our society.

STTARS postcards

Creation of a limited edition series of six postcards for STTARS as a fundraising product to be sold at community events.  

Each of the six cards features a hand drawn illustration created in response to a series of famous quotations centered on themes of human rights. The juxtaposition of the hand-drawn images, the messages and the vibrant colours aimed to provide a fresh interpretation and positive message. One that reaffirms the day-to-day work of the organisation and its dedicated staff.

Picnic at Marble Hill

Branding and collateral for the annual picnic event held at the historic Marble Hill house.

A one day festival celebrating the food, wine and various bespoke talents of the local Adelaide Hills producers. The branding and event promotional material aims to embody something of the authenticity and passion that is as abundant as the produce in this part of South Australia.

Working Images has been one of the many proud sponsors to be involved over the past two years. All proceeds and gate takings going to a worthy charity. The branding for an event like this is a critical part of its success by conveying a clear sense of the personaility, fun and community spirit. A clever brand will not only speak to the right audience but will function as a means of symbolising the event from year to year and effectively carrying over the goodwill generated.

The Drawing Project

Design and production for catalogue – part performance program and part collectible souvenir, profiling the technologically and conceptually challenging work by South Australian artist and performer Fleur Elise Noble. 

The catalogue presents a series of stills providing glimpses of performance highlights. Centered on the process of drawing and the rendering of the individual, the printed work aimed to embody something of the textural qualities of the projected works.


Design and development of website for the National Foundation for Australian Women.

In the strategic working session with the group that focused on a comprehensive review of the organisation's values, positioning and project priorities, the website was identified as being a key touchpoint to connect with the women of Australia and an appropriate medium to raise the awareness of the group in the political landscape.

The website also represented an opportunity to bring to light the breadth, caliber and success of numerous projects and accomplishments of the group that are largely conducted behind the scenes. 

The website provides a much needed platform to profile some of the Australian champions of women that have had a long association with the group and a dedication to the advancement of women's rights.

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