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Wooden Boat Exchange

Design for exhibition catalogue profiling the work of five prominent South Australian visual arts, craft and design practitioners in partnership with wooden boat builders in the Goolwa region.

In any partnership and collaboration the navigation through often uncharted territory is critical to any successful outcome but especially so with two potentially divergent working intents – the creative practice of the artist and the pursuit of more practical goals of the tradesperson.

Taking inspiration from this notion the publication has as its conceptual basis the idea of marine navigation and the map as metaphor.

An authentic, detailed marine chart of the Goolwa and Lower Murray Lakes area was sourced from the local authority and formed an outer wrapping-jacket for the publication which can be unfolded and read as the real thing. We imagined the map as being a useful tool for artist and tradesperson alike traversing the myriad local waterways as they worked together in pursuit of the creative practitioners' more artistic goals.

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