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Remote Office Project 2011

The first in an ongoing series of collaborative design projects with the students of Quorn Area School in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

The Remote Office Project was initiated as a micro workplace experiment whereby in early November 2011 the office was relocated for one week to the remote country town of Quorn. The team occupied an historic homestead on the outskirts of town and successfully maintained a normal working week.

Working in consultation with the school counsellor, a four week project was proposed for the Year 6 and 7 students that began three weeks prior to the stay in Quorn. A comprehensive four week design lesson plan was delivered by the art teacher leading up to the team spending one full day working with the students.

The works centred on the production of a series of abstract typographic studies based on the street names of the Quorn township. The typographic works and series of line drawings were consolidated and presented back to the school in a large bound book titled Illustrated Place Names of Quorn. The book nostalgically references the large old atlases of the early 60's.

The project achieved many things, primarily exposing young country students to commercial design practices and principles and bridging the distance between two places – each remote to the other. The high calibre of the work and the willingness of the school to participate speaks clearly of the high quality of the learning programand the willingness and great imagination of the students.



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