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Publication design for Identity and Voices at Flinders University Art Museum for Flinders University, South Australia.

Edited by Janice Lally the 84 page publication profiles two landmark exhibitions of works drawn from the Flinders University Art Museum collection celebrating FlindersUniversity's 40th anniversary. Identity?: echoes and voices, 26 May-23 July 2006, curated by Janice Lally and Vincent'seye : 25 years of collecting for Flinders University Art Museum, curated by Vincent Megaw, assisted by Lesley Smith.

The tone and positioning adopted for the publication aims to reflect the very contemporary and academic nature of the of the Art Museum and its world class collection of contemporary and indigenous Australian works.

The typographic approach and overall publication structure was given very careful consideration so as to reflect a relevant and authentic Australian vernacular and in particular to avoid a typical Euro-centric context for the works. This was especially important given the inclusion of a number of significant indigenous works within the publication.

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