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Organisational identity and brand platform for STTARS – a South Australian NGO that provides rehabilitation services to survivors of torture and trauma.

The STTARS rebrand represents an evolution of an earlier visual identity undertaken 6 years prior by Working Images when the organisation was a niche provider with a few staff providing limited, though essential, services to a small range of clients. Due to political and regulatory changes in the past 12 months the organisation has in response been through an evolutionary growth period seeing its range of services expand and securing a much greater role in the human services industry. 

The growth of the organisation meant that its visual identity no longer reflected its positioning and aspirations within the industry. The rebrand was recognised as an important part of reflecting the maturation of the organisation and taking its place amongst the larger more established institutions both locally and nationally.

The new visual identity aims to reflect this through a more robust form and typographic approach that adds greater weight and presence to the brand. The conceptual approach to the new identity sought to retain the narrative of the original mark which embodied the theme of Persistence of Spirit. This described the ability of the individual's spirit to remain in tact in spite of the often tragic and unimaginable circumstances experienced by the clients of STTARS. The new mark has visually absorbed the old form of the identity with its ad hoc linework now being traced onto the form of the circle. The circular form simply describes the notion of community and wholeness. The lines of the old identity are transformed into breaks in the circle which, despite its form being interrupted, retains a sense of the whole. 

The new visual identity for STTARS is instrumental in reflecting a more mature organisation with a much more significant role in the delivery of human services and has been received universally well by client work groups, staff and management.

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