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New Taipei City Library

Rebranding and website design for New Taipei City Library, Taipei, Taiwan ROC

As a beginning point for the two-stage project a comprehensive global benchmarking process was undertaken to define the contemporary role of the modern library and aim to define its future. Technology and rapidly changing routines around the consumption of information has largely consigned the Twentieth Century library to the archives.

A working phrase and positioning statement was developed to guide the design process:

The modern library is a repository of knowledge that reflects the collective wisdom and culture of the country and provides a window to the world's greater knowledge. It is a place for the exchange of ideas, for learning and inspiration for all people.

The whimsical brand identity developed sought to cast a progressive and aspirational position for the library and aimed to embody the fundamental overlap between information, intelligence, human growth and the potential for ideas to take flight symbolised by the bird.

The benchmarking process served to identify a critical functionality for the website that was assessed for relevance against the known requirements for the library and in turn weighted in terms of service priority. The design aimed to bring a formality and clarity to the incumbent website that had gown organically and on an ad hoc basis. 

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