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State Records

Interior graphics and signage scheme over two floors for the South Australian Government State Records offices in Leigh Street.

The scope of work encompassed the design of a practical signage system and application of graphics over two floors for public archive access and private office areas.

The graphics concept centered on a pathways theme reflecting the dynamic lines of inquiry made in the course of archive searches – tangential research paths that meander, cross and intersect at various points. Images positioned at pathway junctions represent a snapshot of the research outcomes and a window in to the otherwise hidden archives.

The pathways theme culminates in three lit graphic walls in the two public access areas, both visible from Leigh Street.

The three large composite images developed for these drew on a range of actual historical documents and photographs sourced from the state archives; they provided a cross section of events and imagery significant to the development of South Australia.

The interior graphics provide a unifying visual element within the space, bring to life the dynamic nature of the research process and provide a visible face to the significant state archive collection.

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