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Knappstein Wines

Development proposal for Knappstein Wines, incorporating branding and interpretive graphics, landscape, interior and exterior architectural elements.

The scheme involved a sensitive and radical rethink of an ageing though iconic and historic winery that sought to align brand, market and site. The creation of an elevated visitor experience was central to the thinking to be realised through a series of clever retail, tasting and interpretive spaces, remodelled grounds, entrance and a reorientation of the public façade and central spaces.

The development proposal for the winery originated in a simple request for interior graphics and some signage for the Knappstein Wines cellar door. On analysis a broader series of complex site issues were identified that centered on the quality of the visitor experience: congruence between the product, branding, architecture and heritage components. It was recognised that the response required was beyond the scope of a graphic project.

With the backing of the winery and parent company Lion Nathan, Working Images assembled a project team with representatives in interior architecture, architecture, landscape architecture and graphic design. From an initial working session on site with the winery team and progression through a series of smaller, intensive design sessions, a comprehensive staged proposal and detailed cost analysis was produced.

The whole of site design scheme was established within a 4 week window demonstrating the efficiencies and potential scope of an integrated, multidisciplinary project approach.

Project team: Working Images, Hassell, Scholz Vinall Design, Hemisphere Design.

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