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Department of Correctional Services

Branded environments for head office and South Australian branch offices for the Department of Correctional Services.

The graphic scheme applied through the head office, metropolitan and regional branches was translated into several colourful story walls and a series of functional graphics applied to glazing.

The underlying concept for the graphic scheme references the notion of connectivity which is expressed in a series of large scale graphics comprised of radiating, interconnecting,circular forms and other more subtle elements.

The graphic has two levels of meaning: at a corporate level the head office team is shown as connected to the outlying branch offices and at a deeper level that has greater personal resonance. Correctional Services appears outwardly concerned with incarceration but underlying this is the goal of offender rehabilitation. In this sense the idea of connectivity is representative of the positive influence that community has in this process. 

The scheme was successful in bringing vibrance and personality to a restrained departmental environment by reflecting the personal function of the space and supporting an interior scheme that aimed to humanise the workplace.

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