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Australian Bureau of Statistics

Branded environment over three floors for the South Australian offices of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 

The interior graphics were a constitutive element of the interior scheme proposed by Woods Bagot. The office and interior spaces being primarily neutral and the graphics role was to infuse the space with a clear sense of character and personality.

The conceptual approach for the graphic scheme references the notion of a ‘data landscape’ – the physical South Australian landscape from which the ABS draws its statistical data. A broad range of well known landmarks or icons were chosen to represent three specific regions of the state and were developed in to three abstract panoramas.


A graphic of numbers was developed in addition to the landscapes to represent the substance of the actual data. The flowing, changing nature of the graphic aims to reflect broad statistical variations and movement typically referred to as a trend. Throughout the building these two graphic components are used in combination or separately.

The ABS interior graphics are instrumental in communicating a sense of the organisations identity
for staff and visitors and bringing to life the discreet day-to-day business of the statistician. The graphic scheme contributes a sense of vibrancy and energy to the space.

Award of Commendation.
Design Institute of Australia (DIA)

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