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Jeroen and Boukje at the WI office

Am I A Designer?

February 20, 2013

Netherland designers, educators and social entrepeneurs Jeroen Spoelstra and Boukje Vastbinder visited our studio this week on the tail end of their Adelaide working session with Hackham West Community Centre in collaboration with service designer David Kelly.

Three continents in on a five continent self-funded-journey, Jeroen and Boukje are working hands on with small communities and NGOs stimulating social enterprise and nurturing sustainable ventures. Their work in Adelaide kicked off with a one day workshop with the people of Hackham West with the goal of creating innovative funding models for the community. In preparation for their journey the designers had made contact with Adelaide service designer David Kelly and were quickly engaged to join him for the local work.

The two are due in Sydney for the rest of the week beginning with a talk at COFA and then continuing on their journey. As part of their immense workload they are creating documentaries of each component of the trip, developing visual narratives of the business models they co-create to leave with the communities and organisations as ongoing development tools and are road testing a design toolkit called Human Centred Design developed by in San Francisco. You can see their work and documentaries here at and their recent visual thinking blog post describing efforts with the graphic documentation of processes.

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